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Professional Solution Services

Comdate provides comprehensive professional services offering to ensure that all of our customers’ requirements are met and managed through a single point of contact.

Professional services supplement the full life cycle of our products, from installation, deployment, and configuration to systems integration, as well as on-going support and assistance to meet project targets.

The Professional Solution Services product includes but is not limited to:

  • Installation assistance
  • Deployment and planning assistance
  • Configuration assistance
  • System integration assistance
  • Methodology and best practices assistance specific to your organisation
  • Training
  • Onsite support
  • Off site support
  • Remote support
  • Phone support
  • Documentation assistance

These services allow us to cater for and optimise your operational processes; and tailoring and building output for your specific business needs. These services specifically meet the need to provide a project on time and on budget, and allows for continued success and expansion to meet customer requirements now and into the future.