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Opale Systems (formerly Malden) deliver reference speech quality measurement systems to the telecommunications community. With carefully designed interfaces to VoIP, mobile, satellite and wireline networks, Opale products are used to define and confirm performance standards all over the world.

Opale Systems provide innovative solutions for the validation, troubleshooting and monitoring of Data, Voice and Video services used by Service Providers and Enterprises, and designed by chipset, handset, & network equipment manufacturers.

Opale of products are testing tomorrow’s technology and today’s networks : – The respected Malden Reference Speech Quality Assessment products MultiDSLA and MetricServer. QOE oriented, they define and confirm speech performance standards (PESQ, POLQA) all over the world. – QOS oriented, Qual-IT solution provides Network Intelligence for Service Providers and Enterprises to regain control of their borderless networks and applications performance. Our commitment to innovation extends to our participation in the ITU, contributing to advances in performance analysis techniques for the whole telecommunications community. Based in south of Paris, 85% of our sales are outside France.


Comdate supplies and supports

Opale Analogue (DSLA) 
Opale MultiDSLA