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Ixia Vision Vision xStream 40 


Fail-safe inline security network packet broker

A new way to support security tools



As an organization with high-volume networks, you face an interesting conundrum: You must carefully inspect all traffic on your 10GE and 40GE networks to ensure network security. However, careful monitoring often requires investing heavily in high-performance tools—otherwise, you risk oversubscribing your existing security tools. No wonder many organizations are eager for a new approach to handling and manipulating their network packets.


Specifically designed for high-speed networks, the battle-proven Ixia Vision xStream 40 network packet broker (NPB) has the most complete feature set in the industry for inline tool deployment. Cost-effectively and efficiently, it increases the visibility of traffic from one or many network links to today’s wide variety of monitoring, security, and acceleration tools. As a powerful NPB, the Vision xStream 40 boasts a number of key attributes. Among these are comprehensive high-availability features to support the deployment of fail-safe inline security tools. Additionally, smart load-balancing capabilities help relieve oversubscribed tools and enable the deployment of multiple tools in parallel for increased throughput and maximum flexibility. By supporting inline serial tools such as secure sockets layer (SSL) decryptors, intrusion prevention systems, and firewalls, the Vision xStream 40 equips you for a variety of real-world enterprise network deployment scenarios.  

  • Aggregates, filters, and load balances 10GE/40GE networks for greater visibility
  • Provides industry-leading port density in a compact form factor
  • Performs tool load-balancing to protect investments in existing monitoring tools
  • Maintains synchronized link status on both sides of a tool or network with link-failure detection
  • Delivers smart rebalancing to minimize disruption on existing traffic and tools
  • High availability supports active-active or active-standby modes, auto sync or manual sync of configuration and operation status, and highly reliable synchronization engine with spare ports for protection