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Ixia Vision E40


Cost-effective rack-level visibility for ANY
size data center



Ixia’s Vision E40 and Vision E100, part of the Vision portfolio of network packet brokers, have the right features to handle the visibility requirements of a single rack, as well as that of a massive data center.

Vision E40 and E100 
  • Are cost-effective and can integrate seamlessly with into your existing environment – ideal for scale
  • Can be deployed rapidly and modified quickly with Ixia’s easy-to-use web-interface, which makes configuration and re-configuration simple and hitless
  • Are ideal for expansion as they can be used standalone or with Ixia’s turnkey Vision One or Vision 7300, as part of a security architecture 
  • Are great for continuous modification because they can be deployed inline or out-of-band – and even both simultaneously. Plus, they are multi-speed capable, to support evolving speeds!

Network Diagram

  • Easy-to-use web-interface with point-and-click functionality. No command-line needed!
  • Can be deployed in both inline and out-of-band monitoring modes simultaneously
  • NetStack features built in
  • Max 48 ports of 1/10GE | Max 6 ports of 40GE
  • Supports Ixia Fabric Controller (IFC) – a highly resilient and extremely easy to use SDN controller providing visibility management through a single pane of glass
  • 1RU