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Speed up your Wi-Fi, LTE, VPN, or other jittery networks with Badu’s WarpTCP™


WarpTCP™ is an innovative new approach to TCP Optimization that delivers between 20% and 300% better throughput depending on network conditions, network distance and file size. WarpTCP™ incorporates algorithms that optimize Wi-Fi networks as well as the mobile last mile. WarpTCP™ employs a unique set of algorithms that improves TCP performance.

Badu Networks improves the mobile and wireless user experience by providing innovative software and appliance solutions that speed up your network connection, reduce webpage load times, optimize enterprise applications and optimize your traffic across the Internet.

Badu’s introduction of WarpTCP™ improves on known TCP optimization approaches that have fallen short in delivering significant performance gains. More importantly, current optimization technologies don’t take into consideration the tremendous growth of mobile and Wi-Fi traffic.