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Welcome to Comdate

Your Partner in Network Integrity, Software Integrity and Automation

Comdate Pty Ltd is moving forward to become Phase Pacific

Partnering with our customers to help them at every phase of their Testing, Monitoring and DevSecOps needs with highly valued global and local vendors has been and will continue to be the foundation of our organisation, while expanding those partnerships into New Zealand and more. Phase Pacific truly embodies these values while preserving its 17 year heritage.

Comdate is now the CloudBees partner in Australia and New Zealand

Every business is a software business, and is under pressure to innovate constantly. This increased velocity introduces new business risks. CloudBees is building the world’s first end-to-end automated software delivery system, enabling companies to balance governance and developer freedom

Make 5G Field Test a Reality


Introducing all-new FieldFox handheld analyzers with 100 MHz real-time spectrum analysis for wideband signal verification.